Zaxby’s says Shazam! with two new sandwiches

As the DC comics movie, Shazam! brings excitement to theaters, Zaxby’s brings you two new sandwiches to excite your taste buds!

The Savory & Sweet, Honey Butter & Bacon Sandwich and Fiery Zaxville Hot are tasty new additions to the menu, available now but only for a limited time!

The Honey Butter & Bacon is a custom-seasoned, hand-breaded buttermilk fillet with bacon topped with rich, Honey Butter™ sauce on a toasted potato bun.

The Zaxville Hot Sandwich is  a custom-seasoned, hand-breaded buttermilk fillet, topped with peppery Nashville Hot sauce, and served on a toasted potato bun with sweet and zesty pickles.




Two great new sandwiches to usher in a great new movie! Shazam! will be in the theaters, April 5th! CHECK OUT THE TRAILER HERE!


Zaxby’s has multiple locations in the Palm Beaches! Check out the Zaxby’s location map at this link.

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