This eco-adventure park in Miami is fun for the whole family!

Jungle Island is an eco-adventure park located on Watson Island in Miami, Florida.

It’s time to stop texting, and start driving! We’ve partnered with Steinger, Green & Feiner to encourage you to put the phone down, focus on the road ahead, and drive somewhere amazing in South Florida. This month, we’re checking out Jungle Island in Miami!

Jungle Island is a 17-acre eco-adventure park in the heart of Miami. The theme park is home to not only fascinating jungle animals, but also activities for the whole family! I had to try out one of the experiences for myself, Super Flight!

“You guys have all heard of indoor skydiving, it’s indoor skydiving outdoors?” said Jason Chatfield with Jungle Island. “It’s like skydiving and flying without the plane, without the danger of the plane. You’re flying, you are up in the air flying as high as you want to go, it’s up to you guys, up to what’s safe. It’s really exciting, everyone that does it does it again, and again, and again.”

If flying like a bird in a wind tunnel generating over 120 miles per hour winds sounds awesome, then the Super Flight experience is for you! Jungle Island also offers adventures like a ropes course, zip lining, and escape rooms.

The park is bird-based — which means there are gorgeous birds of all kinds around the property. You’ll also see animals like tortoises, kangaroos, and sloths!

“What we really pride ourselves on here at Jungle Island is up close and friendly,” said Chatfield.  “And almost every animal here you can get up close and friendly. Kangaroos, even, who ever heard of that? So you go right into the kangaroo enclosure, just hanging out with some kangaroos. So it’s really cool, if you like animals, you like adventure, there’s no better place than here.”

There’s something for everyone at this theme park. You can sign your kid up for an adventure camp, step into a Super Flight suit, and experience the ultimate South Florida Weekend at Jungle Island!

“We encourage everyone, if you’re coming to Miami for vacation, if you live here in southern Florida, if you’ve heard about us, you read about us on the internet…get on a plane, come over here, drive over here, I promise you you won’t regret it. You’ll have a great time here at Jungle Island,” he said.

Click here to learn more about Jungle Island, its animals, and experiences!

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