Watch: Cute Cluster of Corgis

Do you love Corgis? Of course you do.

Do you love Corgis? Well, Baton Rouge, La. has a club just for the popular Corgi dog breed.

The club meets once a month (weather permitting) at the Burbank Dog Park at BREC’s Burbank Sports Complex.

Smart Dogs 

Daniel Garza, who is the manager of the Burbank Corgi Club, says the breed of Pembroke Welsh Corgis are very smart and very energetic dogs. The club consists of like-minded Corgi owners who meet up to enjoy the fresh air with their dogs and share tips about caring for their dogs.

The Corgis get a chance to socialize with other dogs and run off some of that energy! Many owners that we talked to say they love their Corgis even though they can be a handful at times, especially as puppies.

Garza said attendance at the meetings has steadily grown since the club was first created in February 2016. Now there is an average of 20-30 Corgis at each meeting.