Want to up your social media game? Visit The Studio in Delray Beach!

The Studio is an interactive photography experience for people of all ages!

If you’re the type of person who stops to take photos in front of fun and whimsical street art, we have just the place for you…The Studio in Delray Beach!

Colleen Guglielmo  is the owner of The Studio. She said she got the idea for the business after watching her daughter and her friends take photos in front of graffiti and other backgrounds in Miami.

“I came across some very talented set design people through Delray Playhouse so I just kind of float my ideas with them, we talk it through, we see what kind of works, what doesn’t and then we start creating,” said Guglielmo.

The Studio is located along the hustle and bustle of Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach and is the perfect place to take photos and spice up your social media feeds.

“Just recently we switched into the summer, we have a surfboard in here and the smiley faces and we got requests for the vinyl records so we thought let’s do a record wall,” she said. “There’s so many ideas, it’s endless, it’s really endless.”

One of the great things about the Studio is that you can go by yourself to take photos. They have ring lights at every set-up so you just put your phone up and take a selfie.

Plus, the sets are always changing so even if you’ve already visited the Studio —  you’ll want to come back for more.

“I love the fact that my kids enjoy working here, they enjoy having their friends here and hanging out, I kind of want that same feel for a lot of people,” said Guglielmo. “Come feel good about yourself, take some pictures, whether your with your family, with your friends, doesn’t matter how young you are, how old you are, it’s just a fun hang out where you can get some great pictures of yourself that make you feel good.”

The Studio is located at 411 E Atlantic Ave, Suite 200E in Delray Beach. You can book a reservation online, call them at (561) 266-3595, or just walk in!

The venue is also available to rent for private parties, photo shoots, and more.

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