This pie company bakes 7,000 pies the week of Thanksgiving

The Upper Crust is one of the most popular places to get holiday desserts in Palm Beach County.

The Upper Crust bakery is in a small standalone building on North Dixie Highway in Lake Worth, Florida. If you blink you might miss it! But if you try one of their pies, you’ll never forget it.

The family-owned bakery started back in 1978 when Raul Quintero moved his family to Lake Worth and started baking pies. Forty years later, Raul’s son is the one whipping up the delicious desserts in the same building as his father.

The flaky pies are known all over Palm Beach County as the best of the best. From classics like pumpkin pie and pecan pie to mixed berry and strawberry rhubarb, there’s something for everyone!

Thanksgiving is the busiest time of the year for The Upper Crust and it’s all hands on deck the week of the holiday. Jodie Quintero said her husband, their kids, siblings, and even her mother are put to work the week of Thanksgiving. The Upper Crust usually distributes around 7,000 pies the week of Thanksgiving alone so it’s a tall order but one that they love to take on!

“People have been coming here for forty years and our pie is part of their tradition at Thanksgiving,” said Jodie. “It’s sometimes a lot of pressure but it makes me feel really good about what we do and we put a lot of pride in our product. My father-in-law is no longer with us and I feel like we’re carrying on his legacy, his American dream. And we’re really proud of it.”

Get directions to The Upper Crust here.

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