There’s a day dedicated to appreciating ugly trucks

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And no one knows that more than the owners of a unique kind of vehicle affectionately called ugly trucks.

It comes as no surprise that there’s a community on Instagram that celebrates these one-of-a-kind rides.

But what may be surprising is that there’s a National Ugly Truck Day. It’s celebrated every year on July 20.

No one really knows how it got started. This website for the holiday says it’s no doubt a guy thing, but that girls are getting into the celebration showing off their “ugly” rides as well.

Apparently, it’s a day set aside just to appreciate the character and scrapes and bumps of older trucks.

No one is saying that new trucks with all the bells and whistles aren’t great. There’s just something about a truck with some history.

Now, some folks are taking back the idea of what makes an ugly truck.

This account uses satire to feature some customized rides that some may think aren’t classically beautiful.

Owner: @armon_247 👀💎

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But, if you were to ask us, all trucks are beautiful.

Do you know someone who loves their ugly truck?