Taco Bell brings back the Watermelon Freeze just in time for spring!


It’s time to do the watermelon crawl to Taco Bell! The national food chain is bringing back the #WatermelonFreeze just in time for the warm springtime season!

The Watermelon Freeze is a frozen sweet treat with delicious candy seeds that you can eat (don’t worry, they probably won’t grow into watermelons in your tummy).

Here’s what Taco Bell has to say about the return of the summer beverage, according to its website: “In our humble opinion, the Watermelon Freeze is the best thing since sliced watermelon. Refreshingly sweet and super snap-worthy, it’s the drink everyone wants to be seen with as soon as those temps start rising. Drink a Watermelon Freeze in the sunshine, enjoy one on the beach, grab one on the hottest day of the year then stop into Taco Bell and order four and bring them to your friend’s pool party and refuse to share. Don’t worry, they’ll understand.”

A regular Watermelon Freeze costs $2.19 and is available at participating locations for a limited time only. Click here to find a Taco Bell near you!

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