Step into the mind and artwork of Van Gogh at this immersive experience

Step into the mind and artwork of Vincent Van Gogh at the immersive experience in Miami!

Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is an exhibit that started in Europe and is now taking North America by storm! The immersive experience is located at the iconic Ice Palace Studios in Miami.

“You see over 300 works of his art and it’s really a different way to see it,” said David Rosenfeld with Primo Entertainment.”Rather than go to a museum and see it still on a wall…for many people, it’s kinda boring. Here, you’re immersed in the painting. It’s all around you. (There is) projection, video mapping all around you on the floor on the walls you’re inside the painting with really good music.”

More than 100,000 people have visited Beyond Van Gogh since it opened in April. If you go, you’ll see why. In the first room, you’ll learn a little about his life and how some of his masterpieces came to be, and then then you step into the main room…

“Most people walk in with their phones,” said Rosenfeld. “They’re ready to video and take pictures but…you get chills. You’re not expecting that.”

There are bean bags and benches for you to use while you take in the art, freed from its frames, and moving all around you.

The projection reel is on a loop so you can stay as long as you like. The whole round takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to fully enjoy the experience. Beyond Van Gogh also offers a cafe so you can grab lunch, dinner, or drinks. There are activities for kids, as well.

The experience is on display now through September 12, 2021. Follow this link for tickets and more information!