Meet the Palm Beach Thrifters

The Palm Beach Thrifters make a living by finding hidden treasures in thrift stores across Florida.

Ambie Hay sold her retail store in Florida three years ago to become a full time thrift shopper and she’s never looked back!

Ambie, her mother (also named Ambie), and her boyfriend, Tommy, travel across the state of Florida throughout the week hunting treasure in thrift stores, Goodwill shops, and anywhere and everywhere they can get a good deal. They are constantly on the search for designer goods, antique gems, and vintage pieces they can restore back to pristine condition. The Palm Beach Thrifters work as a team to provide clients with unique interior design and one-of-a-kind items.

This trio is truly “thriftfabulous” and would love for you to follow along with them on their thrifty journey. You can find the Palm Beach Thrifters on Instagram, Facebook, and at their website.

Photo: Palm Beach Thrifters
Photo: Palm Beach Thrifters