Make your own laundry soap, shower oil, and more at this soap makery!

Picky about your soap fragrances? Customize your very own products at Buff City Soap in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida!

If you have sensitive skin, listen up! There’s a business in Palm Beach Gardens where you can customize your own soap, laundry detergent, and more.

The unique workshop is Buff City Soap.

“Since all of the product is plant-based, it’s really simple ingredients,” said Rachel Giannattasio, manager of the Buff City Soap at Alton Town Center. “We don’t use any harsh chemicals, allots, paragons, different things like that can be irritant to the skin.”

Buff City Soap is located at Alton Town Center. Every product at the plant-based soap company is made by hand.

“We do soaps, that’s kind of like our bread and butter,” said Giannattasio. “We have bath bombs, epsom salts, shower fizzies, things to treat yourself, and probably our best selling slash least known product is our laundry soap, it’s incredible. It’s only three ingredients, it’s super gentle on the skin and again you can customize it to any scent that you prefer so it’s really an amazing product and that’s kind of the thing that people go nuts over.”

You can buy products right off the shelf or make something yourself. It’s a simple process…no experience is needed.

The Buff City Soap team helps you mix and match scents and colors. You’ll pour it, design it, let it cure for three days, and then come back to pick up your masterpiece.

“You can see us making all your products you can even slap on a pair of gloves and help us do it yourself if you want to customize your own scrub or laundry soap or shower oil, you can actually do that and physically do it in the store, ” she said. “I don’t know of anywhere else you can do that so come on down, come and see us, customize your products, the possibilities are endless.”

Buff City Soap is located at 5300 Donald Ross Road, Suite 100 in Palm Beach Gardens.

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