Jeni’s debuts new ice cream flavor made in honor of President Biden

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is celebrating the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden with a special release of a new flavor, White House Chocolate Chip!

The ice cream company posted on social media saying that President Biden had stopped by the Jeni’s headquarters a few years ago. In case you didn’t know, Biden is known for making frequent stops while on he was on the campaign trail to grab a scoop of his favorite dessert. So, Jeni’s decided to commemorate his presidency with a twist on his favorite flavor, chocolate chip!

Photo: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

The team at Jeni’s says White House Chocolate Chip tastes like a double scoop of chocolate chip on a waffle cone.

“White House Chocolate Chip is meant to mimic a double scoop of chocolate chip on a waffle cone,” the company posted on Facebook. “With crunchy, complex Fair Trade chocolate flakes. And buttery, chocolate-covered waffle cone pieces. All wrapped into a sweet and velvety vanilla ice cream made with Madagascar vanilla and flecks of vanilla beans for extra depth.”

It is available while supplies last online, in shops, and for local delivery via the Jeni’s app. You can purchase the special flavor only in pints and it retails for $12.

Photo: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

White House Chocolate Chip can also be purchased as part of the White House Secret Stash Collection, which retails for $58.

“Are these ice creams stocked in the freezer at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? We can neither confirm nor deny that information,” according to the product description. “But what we can say is that these five flavors—including limited-edition White House Chocolate Chip—are worthy of your trust and confidence. Like your own personal ice cream security detail, ready to run to the rescue whenever the craving strikes.”

Click here to find a Jeni’s Scoop Shop near you to try the newest flavor!

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