‘Good Morning Sunshine’ Is the Perfect Brunch Cocktail

Fresh fruit and citrus-infused Vodka make this cocktail a must-have!

Move aside, Bloody Mary. There’s a new brunch cocktail in town.

The ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ is a refreshing pick-me-up of a cocktail at Lulu’s Cafe in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bartender Danny Tinsley created this brunch cocktail using a mix of fresh fruit, mint leaves, and citrus-infused vodka. These ingredients are muddled together and finished off with a splash of soda water for an easy-sipping, fruit-forward glass of brunch heaven.

Can’t make it to Myrtle Beach this weekend? No¬†worries. Check out the video above to see how you can make the ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ anytime you’d like.

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