FPL Energy Saving Tips

Here are some easy tips to get ahead of the heat and save on your bill!

· Raise your thermostat: In the summer, bills are higher because it’s hotter outside, so your A/C runs longer to keep you cool. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees or more when you’re home. Keep in mind for every degree you raise your thermostat, you can save 5% on your monthly cooling costs.

· Smart Thermostats: An easy way to do that is with smart thermostats. You can easily control the temperature inside your home from a smart device using a smart thermostat.

· Keep your A/C running smoothly: Change or clean your filter regularly, usually about once a month.

· Use fans wisely: Your ceiling fan keeps you cool, but it doesn’t cool your room. When you leave a room, turn off the fan to save about $7 a month on your bill.

· Fire up the grill: Using an outdoor grill instead of the oven can help keep your kitchen cool.

· Consider a new pool pump: Installing a variable speed pool pump is an investment, but the savings can pay off in as little as eight months. Reducing your pump’s run time by two hours or more a day can save you up to $100 annually.

This post is sponsored by Florida Power and Light