Float your way to relaxation at this spa in Palm Beach Gardens

Feeling stressed? There’s a form of therapy you might not have tried yet and it involves salt…a lot of it!

Flotation therapy has become pretty popular over the last few years, and yes…it’s exactly what it sounds like. You float in a personal pod for an hour, or longer, and let your mind and body drift away into a deep relaxed state. 

“We have six float pods, each filled with 10 inches of water,” said Matt Ringler, owner of True Rest Float Spa in Palm Beach Gardens. “In that water is dissolved about a thousand pounds of epsom salt. That salt makes the denser than the human body and allows you to float effortlessly on top of the water.”

Ringler said flotation therapy is a pretty simple process and designed to keep your senses at bay.

“The walls are soundproof so there’s no sound. If you turn the light off, it’s pitch black in there. So the idea is to eliminate to the extent possible, all sensory input,” he said.

Each client is provided a private room with earplugs and a shower. You can have soothing music played or float in silence — it’s up to you.

“When there’s about five minutes left in the session, the music starts to fade back in just to sort of bring them back to reality and wake up if they’ve fallen asleep,” he said. “it’s perfectly safe to sleep in there, I do it all the time.”

The guests can then rinse off the salt, drink some tea, and relax at the oxygen bar.

Ringler said floating is not only a great resource stress relief, but also for pain relief.

“It’s a safe, natural, non-addictive way to relieve stress, pain, help you sleep better, help you recover from training better, it’s really just a great way to feel good,” he said. 

True Rest is located at 5360 Donald Ross Rd #105 in Palm Beach Gardens at Alton Town Center. For more information on float therapy, visit TrueRest.com.