Explore the Palm Beach Marine Flea Market Feb. 29 – March 1

The 11th Annual Palm Beach Marine Flea Market and Seafood Festival is back at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, Florida!

The 11th Annual Palm Beach Marine Flea Market is back in action February 29th and  March 1st at the South Florida Fairgrounds. There’s so much to see – like rods, reels, lines, ladders, antiques, maps, marine artifacts, and more!

Andy Alvarez with X-Generation Custom Roads is one of the vendors at the flea market and says if you’re looking for a deal – this is the place to be!

“You can haggle,” said Alvarez. “I’m firm on some stuff but some stuff I’m willing to negotiate, that’s not a problem. There are some stuff that I’m firm with and I won’t let go for a certain price but the reality of it is — yeah, you can haggle, definitely.”

If you’re got your heart set on one specific item – Alvarez says it’s important to show up early…

“Definitely if you’re looking for a particular item and there’s not a lot going around of that particular item, you definitely want to come Saturday morning first thing because you’ll get that opportunity to get it first,” he said.

The two-day flea market also includes the West Palm Beach Seafood Festival and concerts from local bands!

It’s a one stop shop for a weekend full of fun! Click here to get 2 tickets for just $10.