An angry female spirit is said to haunt this house in West Palm Beach

The Riddle House is an old, Edwardian house that guessed it, haunted.

The History of The Riddle House

The Riddle House, built in 1905, was originally the home of the groundskeeper of Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach, Florida. It eventually became the home of Karl Riddle in 1920. In 1995, it was moved to Yesteryear Village, but it didn’t come alone. When they moved this historic house, they brought along its ghostly residents.

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The Haunting of Riddle House

3 floors, 3 ghosts. I smell a sitcom.

The house is currently located in the middle of Yesteryear Village, a living museum at the South Florida Fairgrounds with over 20 carefully maintained buildings preserving the history, and ghosts, of this area. But while many of the buildings have their own ghost stories attached to them, the star of the show is clearly The Riddle House. The kitchen is said to house the angry spirit of a woman, often heard to be slamming dishes and making all sorts of noise. Upstairs in the children’s bedroom, you can come across the spirit of a young boy. It’s unclear if he passed of sickness, or fell out the window, but what is certain is that he stuck around. His room is full of toys, maybe he wants to play with you? The most famous of all the ghosts in The Riddle House is that of a man, facing financial difficulties, took his own life by hanging himself in the attic (NOTE: They keep the attic locked with a padlock and won’t let you in. Even if you are a totally legit cameraman and are making a video for South Florida Weekend.) This spirit was even the “star” of a 2008 episode of Ghost Adventures!

Whether you’re a history buff, a ghost chaser, or someone who is curious about how people used to live, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Yesteryear Village. Just remember, be careful around the kitchen…

Want to see The Riddle House for yourself? You can even go on a ghost tour!