6 candles you can score at the Bath & Body Works sale

Do you smell that? It smells like — a sale! The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale is happening and it’s amazing!┬áSelect 3-wick candles are marked down from $24.50 to $12.95!

If you’re a candle lover, you better hurry to your nearest Bath & Body Works because we’re sure some of these delicious items will sell out fast! There are also some special online-only scents…

Here are a few of our favorites that are marked down:

Photo: Bath & Body Works


Refreshing lemonade and a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day all rolled into one…yes, please! Remember those watermelon seed spitting contests you used to do as a kid? No? Just my family? Okay, moving on.

Photo: Bath & Body Works


Unlike real salt water taffy, this one won’t cause a trip to the dentist. We’ll take three.

Photo: Bath & Body Works


You might think this one smells like the smoky aftermath of a gigantic fireworks display…PLOT TWIST — it doesn’t! It encompasses all the sweet smells of a 4th of July cookout like red cherries, fresh citrus, and juicy berries.

Photo: Bath & Body Works


Smells good enough to eat! But please don’t. It’s a candle, not an actual milkshake. Seriously, that would not be good.

Photo: Bath & Body Works


Swap your Saturday morning mimosa for a yummy peach Bellini this summer and light this bad boy up for double the fun! *Please drink responsibly*

Photo: Bath & Body Works


Don’t fret, this one doesn’t smell like sunscreen — it’s full of citrus, orange blossoms, and coconut husk essential oils! But while we are on the subject, are you stocked up on your SPF for the summer? Don’t get burned! We’ll be very upset.

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