How to properly dispose of lithium and rechargeable batteries in Palm Beach County

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (SOUTH FLORIDA WEEKEND) - We’re resolving to recycle in 2023, so let’s talk about batteries!

There are a few different types of batteries but some are more dangerous than others, and if they’re not disposed of properly, they can cause fires. The most common single use batteries are the ones you’d find in a flashlight or a remote — such as a AA or AAA battery. Those can be placed in the trash.

Rechargeable batteries and any type of lithium battery should not be placed in the trash or recycling bins. Especially not lithium ion batteries….

Lithium is highly reactive so that energy can cause fires when the lithium batteries are broken or damaged. Lithium batteries can be found in power tools, laptops, game controllers, smart watches, mobile phones, and other items you might find around your house.

To properly dispose of a rechargeable or lithium battery, you can take it to one of the Solid Waste Authority’s Home Chemical and Recycling Center seven locations.

For more information or to find a location near you visit SWA.org/HCRC.