SHOP LOCAL: Roots Pharm crafts all natural and non-toxic personal care items for your use

ROYAL PALM BEACH, Florida (SOUTH FLORIDA WEEKEND) - If you’re looking for ways to get rid of toxic ingredients in your household, Roots Pharm is a great place to start!

The local business was founded by Caroline De Freitas and is dedicated to handcrafting all natural and eco-friendly personal care items.

“We do a little bit of everything for the body and home, everything is in bar form to eliminate those clunky plastic bottles,” said De Freitas. “I had a hard time my whole life finding products that worked for my hair that weren’t drying. It was hard to find products specifically that didn’t have those toxic ingredients so after a couple of years of trying different things, we’ve created some products that are just incredible.”

De Freitas said her shampoo and conditioner bars are probably her best-selling products. Most people haven’t heard of them or haven’t gotten around to trying them out.

“It’s really fun getting to educate people on why you should use a shampoo bar and then just seeing them go from hesitation to fallen in love with this product,” she said.

If you want to help preserve the planet for future generations by getting rid of plastic bottle waste, detox your life and get rid of harsh chemicals, Roots Pharm is the place for you!

You can catch Caroline and her team every week at various farmers markets such as Sailfish Marina on Thursday’s, and Swank Specialty Produce and Lake Worth Beach Market on Saturday’s. Follow Roots Pharm on Instagram or check out their website to order!