Resolve to Recycle! Come along as we visit one of the Solid Waste Authority’s Home Chemical and Recycling Centers

Old batteries, paint, lightbulbs, and more can be disposed of properly at one of the SWA’s HCRC locations!

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Florida (SOUTH FLORIDA WEEKEND) - It’s time to “Resolve to Recycle!”

Start the year off right by cleaning out old household hazardous waste items...but don’t throw them in the trash! Take them to the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County to be disposed of properly.

The South Florida Weekend team took a trip to the Home Chemical and Recycling Center in Jupiter. There are seven HCRC locations across Palm Beach County and everything is labeled so you know just what household hazardous waste products need to go where.

Batteries of all kinds can be dropped off at the HCRC locations. This includes car batteries, boat batteries, and rechargeable batteries.

If you have old electronics like televisions or computers, they can be disposed of at the HCRC. You can get rid of fluorescent light bulbs, aerosol cans, cleaning solutions, oil, gasoline, pool chemicals and more.

If you have old paint around the house, you can bring it to the HCRC, too! Sometimes they are able to recycle some of the old latex paint and then donate it to local families who need it in Palm Beach County.

Plus, you can drop off your normal recyclables like cardboard, plastic, and aluminum cans while you’re at the center. There’s also a place to get rid of plastic grocery bags, and properly dispose of your worn American flags.

*Keep in mind, the HCRC locations are only for residential disposal, not commercial disposal.

To find a Home Chemical and Recycling Center near you, visit SWA.org/HCRC.