Treat yourself this fall at these three Delray Marketplace businesses

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a nice day out — head to Delray Marketplace!

One of the newest storefronts at the market is Arsy-Varsy Jewelry & Decor.

“We’re doing very well, we have a lot of customers coming in and loving the merchandise,” said Lisa Beikian, the owner of the store. “We sell jewelry, giftware, and judaica, Jewish items.”

At Arsy-Varsy, you’ll find all kinds of fine jewelry and most of the items are from Italy. Plus, you’ll be treated with exceptional customer service.

“We have a great experience,” said Beikian. “We’re very helpful to our clients and we assist with everything we can, we do jewelry repairs, customers made pieces, we do everything for everyone.”

For more information about Arsy-Varsy Jewelry & Decor, follow this link.

Hair Studio Artists has been in the Delray Marketplace for nine years. The salon manufacturers their own products that are vegan, natural, and paraben/sulfate-free.

You’ll also discover the magic of full lay-down shampoo beds at Hair Studio Artists! Say goodbye to that annoying neck pain or the risk 0f having water run down your shirt…

“People love it,” said Eric Mokotoff, owner of Hair Studio Artists. “Because what happens is now they get the word out on the street and people who may have had neck surgery or different types of issues, that’s all alleviated because the sinks are chiropractically perfect because there’s a cushion that cradles the neck.”

Mokotoff said he wants people to know that they are in good hands when they walk through his salon’s doors.

“We are experts in what we do, and we can match anything,” he said. “A lot of times people have a little scribe or an index card and just imagine a world that doesn’t need recipes. We can just look at the hair and know what to do.”

For more information on Hair Studio Artists, follow this link.

With new jewelry and a fresh hairstyle, you’ll be ready for a nice dinner out on the town! Try Burt & Max’s Bar and Grille.

“It’s good for everybody, kids early or whenever, families all the time,” said Steve Mann with Burt & Max’s. “There’s an older and younger crowd. It’s a really eclectic mix of people at any time, because of the menu, it has everything to offer on there.”

The restaurant features a menu full of modern contemporary American cuisine, a fully-stocked bar with specialty cocktails, and more.

“I have a really nice bourbon list,” said Mann. “People that are looking for bourbon or something that’s not easy to get, we do have some things you might not be able to find other places.”

Mann has been with Burt & Max’s since the restaurant opened in the Delray Marketplace nine years ago. He said it’s become a neighborhood staple for many families in Delray Beach.

“I think they come back for a lot of different things,” he said. “The atmosphere…they come back for the people, and also for the food and the service.”

For more information on Burt & Max’s, follow this link.