Shark Wake Park now home to two junior world champions

A park in Palm Beach County is making a name for itself in the cable wake boarding community. Shark Wake Park is now home to two junior world champions.

“You build a sports facility with the anticipation in mind that the kids around it and the community around it you’ll have a few gems rise up in the cracks,” said Greg Norman Jr., owner of Shark Wake Park. “But to see how many good riders we have here right now is really breathtaking and incredible.“

Norman said two of those “really good” riders are Donny Graves and Colby Zebarth.

“I used to play hockey but then I stopped playing that to focus on this more and I love it so I’m just going to keep doing it,” said Graves.

Graves competed at the 2021 World Wake Association Wake Park World Championships. He is now a Junior Mens World Champ.

“It’s been really fun so far,” said Zebarth. “It’s been really amazing to see all the other people too like Donny to progress and win a world title.”

Zebarth also competed at the Championships and holds the title of 2x Junior Pro World Champion. Both said they want to continue to progress in their training, but they also keep coming back to the park for the community.

“Just coming out here everyday after school and having friends out here to ride with is definitely what helped me the most because it’s not as fun to just ride by yourself,” said Graves. “So I like having my friends out here to ride with them.”

“It’s definitely really good thing to have,” agreed Zebarth. “It’s made me find a lot of new friends and a lot of new people that I can trust and talk to all the time and a very fun activity for me to do in my free time.”

You don’t have to be a world champ to to test the waters at the facility. In fact, Norman said it’s one of the best places a beginners can learn.

“That’s the beauty of what this place allows,” said Norman. “You can have some of the best riders in the world riding the same system as kids who have never done it before and you can have interactions on the dock, everyone talking to each other, helping each other out, learning new tricks, developing each other, not just as riders and athletes but as humans so it’s a really unique and cool thing to see.”

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