3 places to study, work-out, and relax at Delray Marketplace

The South Florida Weekend team took some time to check out a few of the businesses at Delray Marketplace! The Study Lounge, Restore Hyper Wellness, and Orangetheory Fitness are just a few of the services offered at the shopping center.

The Study Lounge is a 4,000 square foot on-site tutoring center at Delray Marketplace. Tweens and teens can get on-site homework help, do test prep, enjoy an in-house cafe, and more.

Holly Steamer is the owner of The Study Lounge. She said her ultimate goal is to create a safe stress-free environment for everyone who walks in the door.

“Kids are going through so much these days, even pre-pandemic, their plates are full, the academic are piling up, the social pressure, the social media, all of that,” said Steamer. “And we kind of offer an escape from that.”

There are weekly social events and on-site tutors to help take the pressure off parents to do it all…

“We have tutors that roam around and help them with science, social studies, math, any topic that they need, help them prepare for tests, make flash cards and also promote some social interaction,” she said. “They can put nonsense and cliques behind them and have a place home away from home, we always say we want you leaving feeling better than when you walked through our door.”

It’s hard to miss the next spot on our list — Orangetheory Fitness. You’ll notice the signature orange glow before you even walk in.

Orangetheory is a full-body workout led by a coach. Members use a wristband to measure their performance throughout the class. The goal? Try to get at least 12 minutes in the orange zone — get your heart rate up and your metabolism charged…

“When you work out with Orangetheory three times a week or more, you get something called the afterburn effect,” said Manny Ceara with Orangetheory. “What that really means is you get more done in less time. Three hours a week will give you benefit of working out five to six hours a week and all the benefits that come along with that.”

Ceara said those benefits include improved focus, energy, and strength. Plus, it’s a fun atmosphere — he said everyone cheers each other on and pushes each other to keep going when it gets tough.

“You can walk into Orangetheory and within minutes feel the energy and what we’re about,” he said. “That’s why Orangetheory is special, the only real way to see it and feel it and do it is to get in here and try it.”

After a workout like OrangeTheory, you might need a little bit of a recharge. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Restore Hyper Wellness.

“The best way to describe it is an ecosystem of all hyper wellness,” said Jhoel Gaona. “We do sports recovery, beauty services, cryoskin, and we also de medical, IV infusion, hyperbaric chambers, feeling good, optimizing your sleep, overall longevity, and faster recovery.”

If you’re not sure what you need — Gaona said that’s what they’re here for. They take time with each customer to learn about their lifestyle, health and wellness — and then make recommendations based off those factors.

“I invite people to come in and see how your body responds, see how you feel, and obviously use us to help navigate your journey,” he said.

For more information on these businesses and others at Delray Marketplace, visit DelrayMarket.com.

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