This corner store sells Ketchup Doritos, Key Lime Pie Kit Kat bars, and more!

Exclusive and exotic snacks and sodas…that’s what one local shop in West Palm Beach is offering to its clients.

“We import snacks and sodas from all over the world,” said Peter Varjabedian, owner of Petez Pop. “I started in Canada, then I met someone in Thailand, Mexico, the UK, Australia, Japan, China, and Korea as well.”

Varjabedian opened the doors to Petez Pop in April 2021. The specialty shop is located on Clematis Street and carries unique treats that are hard to find anywhere else…

“Our best selling soda is the Fanta White Peach, we used to have it in bottles,” he said. “They discontinued the bottles and now they have them in cans. Our Mountain Dew Supernova from Finland is pretty popular as well.”

Varjabedian works with wholesalers all over the world to get the rare items. Key Lime Pie Kit Kat bars, Ketchup Doritos, and Pepsi Cream Soda from Japan…the store is full of surprises. There’s really only one word to describe what you’ll find at Petez Pop…

“Exclusivity,” said Varjabedian. “I try to bring everything in to give people an experience for when they come in, come to a supermarket or a corner store they’ve never seen before.”

Once people try certain items, Varjabedian says they continue to come back.

“If you want to take the trip to Japan without taking the trip to Japan, we have it. We can go to Israel, or Egypt, or Australia, or Canada, we have it all in the store and we want to offer something for your taste buds you haven’t tasted before,” he said.

Petez Pop is located at 525 Clematis Street in West Palm Beach. They’re open seven days a week and even stay open until 2:00 a.m. on the weekends. For more information, visit

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