Oceana Coffee Roasters prides itself on small-batch roasting

If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably love the first sip of a fresh pot of joe. One company in South Florida is making sure that sensation happens for every one of their clients. The South Florida Weekend team met with Oceana Coffee Roasters to get an inside look at their operation…

“A lot of times I like to say that roasting coffee is both an art and a science,” said Scotty Angelo, a co-found of Oceana. “It’s about the transfer of heat to the bean but it’s also about how we transfer the heat to the bean, where the bean is from, how it’s been processed.”

Oceana Coffee Roasters focuses on small-batch roasting. Scott and Amy Angelo started the business back in 2009.

“I’ve actually been challenged by quite a few people in my life who have said I don’t like coffee or I don’t drink coffee. And I always ask for them to give me the opportunity to change their life,” said Amy Angelo. “I have several instances where I’ve given someone a cup of coffee or had them taste some of our cold brew or our espresso and really opened their eyes to the possibilities.”

If you aren’t sure if you’re a fan of coffee, Angelo said to give their coffee a try. You just might surprise yourself!

“Coffee can have great notes of chocolate, cookies, toasted almonds, there’s a lot of great flavors in coffee especially when you’re roasting it at the level that we are here,” she said. “We’ve had the opportunity to change a lot of people’s minds over the years and change their lives. You know, having a cup of coffee everyday is a lot different than not having a cup of coffee everyday.”

To learn more, visit OceanaCoffee.com.

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