Join the Solid Waste Authority’s scavenger hunt this summer!

Whether you’re hanging at the pool or chilling on the beach this summer, get those aluminum cans to the blue recycling bin! My personal life hack? Bring a reusable shopping bag wherever you’re headed for the day. If you’re having a few beverages — throw the cans in there so you can remember to recycle them when you get home.

And while cans can be recycled, if you’re grilling out and using aluminum foil, please remember that foil cannot be recycled. Aluminum pans and foil go in the regular trash.

If you want to have a little fun with your recycling goals this summer, join the Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County’s family-friendly scavenger hunt!

The 4R Scavenger Hunt is an outdoor activity being held throughout the month of July. Register your team, download the app, get clues, and go on a pirate-themed adventure. You’ll upload photos and answer trivia questions to complete the missions and earn points. Prizes will go out to the top ranked teams.

For more information, visit SWA.org. Happy adventuring!