What kind of tree should you get this year?

SO MANY TREES, SO LITTLE TIME! Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is hard enough, but how do you decide what kind of tree you want in your home for the holiday season? Brandon Helfer with Mr. Jingles Christmas Trees in West Palm Beach answered a few of our questions and explains the differences between some of the trees he sells on his lot.

  • The Fraser Fir
    • The needle retention on this tree is very strong so it’s good for hanging ornaments. As you look at the branches, you can kind of tell that they’re shooting upward which allows for ornaments and lights being hung in a good way. If you pinch the needles and give it a smell, you’ll find that it has a nice sweet pine smell which is different from the Noble fir. This is definitely a premium tree that I would say is our most popular on the east coast.
  • The Concolor Fir (white fir)
    • This is a pine tree and it’s got long needles and a nice citrusy smell. However, these trees tend to shed a little quicker than the other ones. The needle retention in the branches isn’t as strong as other trees, it’s probably our least popular tree but we do carry them because people like the style of the tree.
  • The Noble Fir
    • This is actually my favorite tree. It’s your traditional Christmas tree. It’s got really strong needle retention, it’s kind of a fluffier tree. There’s really nice shape and the needles and branches don’t really shoot up like the Fraser does. It has a nice traditional pine smell when you pull it off, this is in my opinion, the best Christmas tree you can get.
  • The Nordman Fir
    • I call this the Dr. Seuss tree because it’s funky, it kind of grows all over the place. This is a hypoallergenic tree so if anyone has allergies or asthma and people are allergic to trees, this is a good one to put in your home. The Nordman has strong needle retention and if you look under the needles, it has frosted tips and the top is kind of glossy so when you put your lights and ornaments on this tree it pops and looks really cool. The one thing I will say about the Nordman is that it doesn’t really have a strong smell like the Fraser and Noble do so if anyone is looking to get a tree for show that’s going to stand out, I would highly recommend this but if you’re looking for smell, I’d advise you to go with the Fraser or Noble.

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