Katharine, 14-foot long shark, tracked off coast of Florida

Don’t you wish Shark Week could last all year? With the OCEARCH Shark Tracker, it can! OCEARCH is a non-profit organization that works to provide critical scientific data when it comes to the biological studies of large predators like great white sharks and other marine life. OCEARCH scientists work to tag sharks and collect data which is in turn shared with institutions that do collaborative global conservation research.

Over the years, several of the tagged species have become popular. Probably the most famous is Katharine, a 2,300 pound great white shark who was tagged in 2013. Katharine is a 14-foot shark and has become quite the social media icon. Katharine’s OCEARCH shark tracker “pinged” off the coast of Melbourne, Florida around Thanksgiving 2018.

If you want to keep up with all of the tagged sharks, follow this link.

And if you want to keep an eye on the oh-so-popular Katharine, she has her own Twitter fan account. Give her a follow!