Here are the styles you need to wear if you’re going to a decades party

Not sure what to wear to a decades party? Lindsey at Kismet Vintage in West Palm Beach has a few helpful suggestions!

We’ve all been there. You get a text and it’s “80’s night” at the local watering hole — or a Facebook invitation to your friends “disco” house warming party. We love dressing up for the decades! But are we doing it right? You start to panic…what will you wear?!

We paid Lindsay Mills at Kismet Vintage in West Palm Beach a visit so she could explain exactly what to look for when dressing for some of the most popular decades. Here are some of her suggestions…


“The 50’s are ripe with opportunities to look for some vintage to complement your look. We’ve got this sort of this sock hop vibe going where you’ll want a really flouncy skirt with some petticoats underneath, maybe. A little pin-up, with a high waist — never a drop waist for the 50’s. 


We’ve got the free love. We’ve got a little bit more loosey-goosey going on. The waist has come all the way out and with the 60’s you can focus more on textures and prints. Choose bold prints, there’s a little more freedom to play. Get some straight, long hair. If you have it, straighten it. If you don’t, get a wig!”


“We have this gorgeous, long, hip-hugging maxi dress with an open neck. It’s so funny how the skirts just keep shifting from decade to decade. If you’re going 70’s — you can go super form fitting. Think of going to a disco, if you’re going to a disco — you want to shimmer, sparkle, shine. You want big earrings, big accessories, platform shoes to go with this so you can swish all over that dance floor.” 


“We have this amazing suede patchwork jacket and with shoulder pads. For 80’s, shoulder pads are key. The 80’s are loose, boxy, modern, super futurisitc. There was a fad towards imagining what they would wear in the future now that we have all this technology. So yeah, go bold for the 80’s!”


When we get to the 90’s, it loosens up a little bit. There’s not as much glitz and glamour, and you can go grunge, go a little more casual. Get a big plaid shirt and throw it over a mini dress, think like Courtney Love and Nirvana, all of those grunge and punk bands of the 90’s. Maybe pair it with some combat boots and some knee-high socks. There are a lot of options you can play around with for the 90’s.”