Tri-Rail reminds public to pay attention at railroad crossings during Rail Safety Week

Rail Safety Week is September 21-27, 2020. It's a great time for the community to come together and discuss safe practices when it comes to railroad crossings and train tracks.

See tracks? Think train!  Rail Safety Week is the perfect time for people to remind their friends and family members to exercise extreme caution when traveling around railroad tracks and crossings.

“This is the week where we raise awareness because sometimes it’s just people not paying attention and not thinking about the fact that this is an active train corridor,” said Steven Abrams, the executive director of South Florida Regional Transportation Authority. “You simply can’t be in the middle of a rail crossing intersection and think that somehow you’re immune from a train coming by.”

Abrams also noted that even if you see a train coming by, there could be another one coming in the opposite direction shortly after.

“You really have to be cautious at all times and we try to raise that awareness and education during Rail Safety Week among older people but also, importantly, our children,” he said.

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