To thin or not to thin, Reese’s asks the question.


Stop The Presses!!!  Reese’s has unveiled a new peanut butter cup, this time instead of adding candy inside or making them even larger,

Reese’s is going THIN!

You heard us right, our beloved combination of chocolate and peanut butter will be available at about half the original size called Reese’s Thins!

Coming in March!

Reese’s has broadened our peanuty palletes with several new varieties in the past few years including the “Reese’s Outrageous” bar and “Reese’s Pieces” filled bars.  And who among us can resist the holiday character versions at Easter and Halloween.


But Reese’s purists aren’t convinced the slim down version will pass the taste test! After all, why would we want less of our favorite treat instead of more, more MORE!

But Reese’s is hoping a slimmer version of the candy will allow us guilt free permission to indulge more often.


Reese’s Thins will be available in milk or dark chocolate, individually packed or packed to share.