The Harry Potter x Vans collab is here and it’s truly magical!

Wands at the ready! And your credit card. Vans has a new collection, Harry Potter x Vans, and it’s perfect for wizards, witches, and muggles alike!

You can shop sneakers and apparel representing each of the Hogwarts houses: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. There are also hoodies, backpacks, and other items inspired by the Harry Potter fandom.

Pick your poison! We are especially big fans of the Deathly Hallows tees and sneakers covered in the latest news from the wizarding world’s newspaper, The Daily Prophet.

The Harry Potter x VANS collab is siriusly (see what we did there?) awesome and we want all of it. We expecto patronum this collection will sell quickly so stock up while you can!

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