Stop Texting, Start Driving: Visit Manatee Lagoon!

Manatee Lagoon has FREE admission and parking. Why wouldn't you take advantage of this fantastic South Florida attraction?!

It’s time to stop texting, and start driving! We’ve partnered with Steinger, Iscoe & Greene to encourage you to put the phone down, focus on the road ahead, and drive somewhere amazing in South Florida. This month, we’re checking out Manatee Lagoon in Riviera Beach!

Manatee Lagoon opened in 2016. The FPL Eco-Discovery center has two levels of observation decks where folks can come by and observe manatees in their natural habitat.

“It’s illegal to feed them, to touch them, they’re a protected species so really just observing and kind of seeing them in their natural habitat is the best approach,” said Brittany Balcer, an FPL spokesperson.

Manatee season runs from November to the end of March. During that time, the water temperatures start to drop and manatees start migrating south – looking for warmer water to survive.

“Especially on those colder days, we tend to have lots of manatees coming by seeking warmth from the Next Generation Clean Energy Center next door. The power plant discharges warm water and that’s where manatees come to stay warm during the winter months,” said Balcer.

If it’s not manatee season – there are still so many things to do at the center. You can check out the exhibit space, walk around, and take a free public tour. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the species!

“A common misconception about manatees is that they’re very fat,” said Balcer. “They’re actually not, they have very little body fat on their bodies. They’re mainly muscle. So although they’re kind of slow and they seem lazy and they do move around slow day to day. They spend a lot of time eating and sleeping, but if they get spooked or want to move quickly, their tails are very powerful, they’re very muscular so they can move very fast very quickly if they want to.”

Manatee Lagoon is a must-see attraction in South Florida. Whether you’re a local, or just visiting the area – you’ll be glad you stopped by.

“I think that’s really exciting that we can offer that experience to families not just people locally who are familiar with manatees but people who are travelling in from out of town who have never had that opportunity before and they can also learn about them and see how they can affect their habitat and their environment and make a positive difference,” she said.”

Manatee Lagoon is open Tuesday – Sunday from 9AM – 4PM. They are closed Monday’s and major holidays except for select holidays during manatee season. Check for holiday closures.

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