Stop Texting, Start Driving: Frost Science

Frost Science is more than just a museum -- it's a planetarium, an aquarium, and a science center!

It’s time to stop texting, and start driving! We’ve partnered with Steinger, Green & Feiner to encourage you to put the phone down, focus on the road ahead, and drive somewhere amazing in South Florida. This month, we’re checking out the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami!

“We are located in downtown Miami really in the middle of the central cultural hub that’s going on,” said Daniela Orihuela with Frost Science. “We have the arts center next door, the art museum also next door and we are a science center, a planetarium, and an aquarium all in one.”

The Frost Planaterium is amazing. It seats 250 people and gives you a full 360 degree experience. It’s one of only 13 like it in the world.

You can also explore South Florida water habitats with the multi-level aquarium at Frost Science. One of the most iconic pieces is the gulf stream habitat oculus lens – where you can view the sea life from the bottom floor.

“It’s this 31 foot in diameter piece of glass you can see through and you feel like you’re at the bottom of the gulf stream and you see hammerheads and devil rays swim above you,” said Orihuela.

There’s always something new to discover at Frost Science. Whether you touch a stingray, learn about the mechanics of an elevator, or explore our dynamic earth in the planetarium – we guarantee it’s worth the visit.

“It is a little bit of everything for all ages, there’s something for you, whether you want to do like a deep dive into a particular topic about the history of flight or you want to just tinker around in our design lab and try to build a satellite that flies in the wind tube, if you have a love for marine biology this is also the place for you because we have a beautiful, beautiful collection of animals,” said Orihuela.

“If you haven’t checked it out, come join us in downtown Miami here at Frost Science, we can’t wait to see you!”

Click here to check out events and upcoming programs at Frost Science.