See the new ‘Love Conquers Wall’ in West Palm Beach’s Warehouse District

You might notice that there’s a new mural in the West Palm Beach’s Warehouse District! The new “Love Conquers Wall” is painted on the Palm Beach Squash Building at 1220 Elizabeth Ave. by internationally acclaimed, Miami-based mural artist Renda Writer.

“We chose Renda Writer to ‘render’ the artistic vision because words matter more than ever at a time like this when so many people are trying to effect positive societal change. Renda’s brilliant word-art was the perfect fit for the Warehouse District,” said Carey O’Donnell, who crafted the concept and copy for the mural and leads O’Donnell Agency in West Palm Beach. “This mural expresses a universal truth: that love can win and heal.”

Known as the “hand-written artist,” Writer draws his inspiration from creative typography, public art, poetry and graffiti to create a genre all his own. Writer’s artistic career began when he started writing messages on found objects such as furniture – even air conditioning vents in 2010, but it was his installation in Wynwood for Art Basel in 2014 that made him a viral sensation. The mural installation celebrated the phrase “Love is a risk. Do it anyway.”

“As a poet, I am fascinated by words and the message of love is one that I try to spread regularly with my artwork,” said Writer. “This was a natural connection here and I am proud to add my talents to this beautiful and growing neighborhood.”

The “Love Conquers All Mural” is open to the public and can be seen from the parking lot commonly used for Grandview Public Market, located in The Warehouse District.

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