Lunchables to launch new ‘Brunchables’ line

Calling all brunch-lovers. Lunchables brand is set to release its very own breakfast on the go line called brunchables!

They will have three different to-go brunchables to pick from: breakfast ham & cheese, breakfast sausage & cheese, and bacon & cheese. The breakfast packs will run you $1.99.

These yummy breakfast packs are great for a quick breakfast for the kids or even adults on the go. Each pack will come with a build-you-own(in traditional Lunchable fashion) flatbread sandwich and a blueberry muffin for an early morning treat.

(Source: Twitter/The Real Lunchables/CNN)

After a teaser photo was shared on Twitter on April’s Fools’ Day, many people were left wondering if this breakfast treat was even real or not. But, after a full day of some saucy speculation, the Kraft Heinz company announced that Brunchables were in fact a real thing that will be hitting the shelves of select grocery stores this month!

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