Local West Palm Beach man competes on FOX reality show, Labor of Love

Labor of Love airs on WFLX FOX29 on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

There’s a new reality dating show on FOX and this one comes with a unique twist! 
Labor of Love follows Kristy Katzmann’s journey to find not only a life partner, but someone to start a family with. Contestants compete for her heart through parenting and partnership challenges each week.

Budge Collinson is one of the contestants on the show. He’s originally from Maryland but he spends most of his time now in the Palm Beaches. He said he’s dreamt of starting a family for awhile now, so when he got the opportunity to do it through reality television, he took it.

“I came across this opportunity through a dating app,” said Collinson. “It was a match and it was a casting director, a casting agent and she contacted me and said are you interested, here are the details. And I thought it was fake of course.”

It wasn’t fake. 
Collinson said he thought, “why not?”

So after a phone call, a series of interviews, and a flight to California, he was cast on the show with fourteen other men.

“We’re basically all looking for the same things and kinda put our career first in life and ultimately we’re looking for someone who would be a life partner of course and of course the ideal scenario would be to have a child,” he said.

The filming lasted about eigh weeks in Atlanta. He lived in one house with the rest of the contestants, production, and camera crews.
 And he said while there were chaotic moments….

“I have to say it was a very good experience,” said Collinson. “For the most part, I think all our personalities kinda meshed. We kinda figured it out and the house was very big so we could kinda spread out.”

Collinson can’t tell us how far he makes it on Labor of Love…but he says we should definitely watch.

“It’s got just a different spin. We’re not just a bunch of frat boys in a house,” he said. “We’re there for the right reasons. I think it’s ultimately a life determining adventure.”

You can follow Budge Collinson on Instagram and watch his journey unfold on FOX 29. 
Labor of Love airs on Thursday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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