How to decorate Easter cupcakes!

Nina shows you how to decorate cupcakes for the spring season!

These cute cupcakes are perfect for Easter!

Nina’s Fresh Bakery is back and this time they’re showing you fun and easy cupcakes designs that will take your treats to the next level! These are the perfect designs for your Easter celebration or just a fun springtime get together.

Grab your ingredients and follow the gifs! Here is a delicious vanilla cupcake and buttercream icing recipe from Nina’s to get you started.

Baby Chicken Cupcake

What you’ll need:


Bunny Cupcake

What you’ll need:


Carrot Cupcake

What you’ll need:


Bird Nest Cupcake

What you’ll need:



We hope you have as much fun making these as we had eating them! Send us some pictures if you decide to try this out!