Here’s why you should try scuba diving in Riviera Beach

Diving in the Palm Beaches is so popular because of it's close proximity to the gulf stream, an underwater highway for sea life.

Here’s what you need to know about diving in Riviera Beach…

Scuba diving might seem a little intimidating at first glance when you consider all of the equipment, skills, and tools necessary for a successful dive. But taking lessons with a certified instructor has a big pay-off, especially if you’re looking for a new adventure in the Palm Beaches. Luckily, there are several ways to secure lessons and a dive charter at the Riviera Beach Marina Village.

“It’s a different world underneath. It’s the closest thing to outer space that I’m ever going to get to,” said John Phillips with Narcosis Dive Company.

The South Florida Weekend crew spent a day on the water with the dive team that runs out of the Riviera Beach Marina Village. Diving in Riviera Beach is not only the perfect way to spend a day on the water, but it’s also one of the top spots to see a plethora of sea life.

“Right now, we’re about a mile off shore at a dive site that we call The Corridor Wrecks,” said Phillips. “It’s four wrecks in a row that were dropped as an artificial reef to attract marine life and to bring fish in and for coral to grow.”

Christina Firestone is a dive instructor and has been diving for years. She said she can’t imagine having any other job these days.

“Diving here in West Palm Beach is extremely popular because it’s the closest point to the U.S. that the gulf stream runs and it’s like an underwater highway,” said Firestone. “All the big wildlife use it to go from the Bahamas up the coast of the United States. You can do a dive and see up to fifteen or twenty sea turtles in the summer so that’s really cool.”

Capt. Alex Edwards is the man at the helm of the Narcosis Dive charter. He said his biggest joy is getting to see someone’s face after their first trip under the sea.

“I love teaching and showing people stuff underwater,” said Capt. Edwards. “I love to show them what they haven’t grown up seeing because they’re so new to it. I take great pleasure in showing people stuff, that’s one of the fun parts.”

If you are thinking about trying scuba diving, you can find more information here. You never know what you may see under the surface of the water!

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