Do you know about this special Blue Angels show?

Watch the Blue Angels perform right before Veterans Day.

The Blue Angels are certainly world famous at this point. And with good reason, as their performances are a true sight to behold. But did you know that they do multiple performances every year at their headquarters in Pensacola, Fla.?

First, a history lesson. The Blue Angels were formed at the tail end of World War II as an initiative to showcase naval aviation, all at the behest of Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. Chester W. Nimitz. The first flight demonstration was held June 15, 1946, and the pilots (and planes) have been performing ever since, only taking breaks due to times of war or weather considerations.

More than 400 million fans have seen them perform as they have toured the country, but interestingly, the Blue Angels make the time to perform twice annually at their home base of Pensacola. One of those shows is the week after the Fourth of July, while the other concludes their performance season in November with a homecoming show right around Veterans Day.

It’s a downright cool experience to see them perform, but it’s an even cooler experience to see them perform in these patriotic circumstances. And what’s better is you can set your clock to it. Have the Blue Angels on your bucket list? Well, you know you can catch them in Florida in July or November.

Haven’t yet checked them out? This is an experience we can heartily endorse.

Check out the video above to catch a couple of their maneuvers and learn a few quick facts.

You can also find their full performance schedule and learn more about them right here.