City of West Palm Beach hosting drive-in movies every Saturday thru Sept.

The City of West Palm Beach is helping to entertain families in a socially-distanced and safe way! The City is offering a new Show on the Go event every Saturday night now through September 26, 2020.

The series features a drive-in style movie experience at Currie Park and Dreher Park. Tickets are $10 per vehicle or $30 for a VIP experience that includes non-alcoholic drinks, candy, popcorn, and a prime viewing location in one of the front rows. Concessions are also be available for purchase and can be delivered with no-contact.

Tickets are selling faster than greased lightning! Be sure to buy your tickets in advance to share the magic of Grease…

Posted by The City of West Palm Beach on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


You must have a ticket for your vehicle to enter the event. The gates open at 6:00 p.m. and the show starts at 7:00 p.m.

FAQs from The City of West Palm Beach website:

How can I get tickets for the drive-in movie? How do we make a reservation?
We encourage you to purchase tickets in advance to ensure admission.  Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the blue ticket above that corresponds to the movie(s) you would like to see.

What does my ticket cover? Is food included?
Your general admission ticket includes admission for one vehicle.  Food will be available for separate purchase on site.  Your VIP ticket includes admission for one vehicle plus a round of free popcorn, soda/water and candy for four.

How do I order food and drinks? 
Popcorn, candy and non-alcoholic beverages are available by delivery once you are parked.  In addition, there will be food trucks on site with a variety of food options.  ALL food will be ordered from your vehicle and delivered to your vehicle.

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, however food must remain within your designated area at all times.  Please do not offer/share food or drinks with attendees outside your party/family unit. You will be required to take your trash with you when you leave.

How many people can I bring?
You may bring up to the number of passengers that can be legally be accommodated in your vehicle or up to 10 passengers. Campers, RV’s, and passenger vans are not permitted.

How can I hear the movie?
Tune your car stereo or portable radio to the provided FM station.
Key start: turn key backwards, towards yourself
Push start: push start button without pressing down brake.

How are ‘seats’ or ‘spots’ chosen? I want to be in the front row!
Cars will be placed based on HEIGHT and time of arrival. Lower vehicles will be closer to the screen while taller vehicles are placed towards the back. Don’t worry. Everyone still gets a great view!

If you want to secure the front row, we have VIP tickets available for purchase. Please note, taller vehicles with VIP tickets will be parked in outside spaces closest to the screen.

Are restrooms available?
Yes.  Attendees shall wear a mask and maintain safe social distancing of 6 feet from all persons not associated with their group. Restrooms will be clean and sanitized throughout the event.

What do I do with my vehicle?
Please turn your vehicle off once you have parked until it is time to leave. Due to space constraints and COVID restrictions, once you park you will not be able to leave without interrupting the movie. If you have a passenger that has a condition that may cause you to leave early, please alert City staff upon arrival.

What do I do if I have an emergency?
Flash your lights, honk your horn, wave your arms, it’s an emergency! City staff will immediately come over to assist you.

Can we sit on top of the car?
Please do not sit on top of your car. It’s dangerous and blocks the view of the screen.

Can we bring lawn chairs and sit outside our car?
Feel free to bring chairs and blankets to be used outside of your vehicle. You will be required to stay within your designated area. Chairs and blankets are the only items allowed outside your vehicle.

Can I bring a camper to the drive in?
Campers, RV’s, and passenger vans are not permitted on the event site.

Can we bring in a group in a bus?
For safety reasons buses are not permitted on the event site.

Can I drive in on my motorcycle?
Yes. Motorcycles must follow the same rules and procedures as passenger vehicles, and will be charged the same admission price.

May we run our engine during the movie?
NO.  Everyone must turn off their engine after they are parked.  This rule must be followed at all times and will be enforced.  If you refuse to follow this or any of the Show on the Go rules you may be asked to leave with no refund.

May we record video of the movie?
While families are encouraged to take photos and videos of their fun times at Show on the Go, please be aware that there is absolutely NO video recording allowed once the movie has begun.

What if my battery goes dead?
Just pop your hood and let City staff know that you need a jump. We’ll send someone right over to assist you.  If you are concerned that your car battery will run down, please bring a battery powered, portable FM radio. All the movie sound is fed through an FM transmitter.

Can we bring our dog, cat, hamster, bird or turtle?
Animals are not allowed during these events. (With the exception of service animals).

Can we drop our kids off at the drive-in and pick them up later?
Please do not leave your children unattended. Minors must be accompanied with an adult (person over 18) of your party at all times.

Are there any rules for the playgrounds that are adjacent to the event site?
All playgrounds are currently closed to the public due to COVID-19.

*Ticket sales end at midnight on the Friday preceding show date.

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