Endangered healthy baby siamang born at the Palm Beach Zoo

There’s a new baby siamang at the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society! The baby boy was born October 1, 2019 at the zoo to his parents, Raya and Zain. The siamang pair was designated as a genetic match for breeding by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

“We were delighted when the AZA recommended us for breeding siamangs,” said Nancy Nill, Palm Beach Zoo Associate Curator of Animal Wellness. “We worked closely with the AZA to find and bring both Raya and Zain to Palm Beach Zoo. We are all overjoyed with the birth of their baby boy.”

Siamang Raya, is pictured with her newborn baby at the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society. Raya, Zain and baby are now back on Siamang Island where Zoo visitors can see them daily. Photo: Palm Beach Zoo

Palm Beach Zoo is AZA accredited. Part of the AZA’s mission is to ensure the survival of endangered species through the Species Survival Plan. The Zoo received a recommendation for breeding siamangs in 2017 and then began the process of finding the right genetic match.

Raya is a 12-year-old-female and came to the Zoo in January 2018, and Zain is a 13-year-old male who has lived at the Zoo since November 2017. They have been cohabitating since November 2018.

According to the Zoo’s veterinary team, the baby is doing very well, feeding regularly, gaining weight and growing. Siamang babies cling to their mothers at birth, and remain close to their mother and father for the first two years.

The baby does not yet have a name but will soon! The Tropical Safari Gala is January 31, 2020. One gala attendee will receive the opportunity to name the baby siamang to help support animal care and conservation initiatives.

Palm Beach Zoo is planning a “Sip and See” reception to introduce the public to the new siamang family. In lieu of baby gifts, the Zoo is requesting donations to assist in enhancements to the primate night houses.